"Very informative and well presented. George is extremely clear and engaging in passing on critical knowledge, awareness and understanding to all mountain user venturing off the piste."

Neil McNair - McNair Snowboarding - Instructor & Coach, Nov 23

 " I really liked how the course was broken down in to a modules that I could work through in my own time. It also provided structure to the learning and teaching. The video clips were well put together and the end of topic assessments were relevant and focused. "

Gavin Carruthers - British Backcountry partner & L4 ski Instructor

"I thought the course was great! I knew a little about mountain safety going into it but I learnt lots of new information which I'm sure is going to come in very useful. The information is presented in a way which is easy to understand and interesting. I will now be recommending this course to anyone who plans to go off piste."

Zo√ę Gillings-Brier - Instructor & ex FIS world cup & Olympic Snowboarder

 " Alpine Tutorials is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to improve their knowledge of how to stay safe in the backcountry. George breaks the topics down into easy to remember chunks. I dip in and out all season!"

Sam Mead, November 2023

" A great one day course to improve or refresh your mountain safety knowledge and get you thinking about decision making when going off piste. The online tutorials are the right length and full of useful info. Would definitely recommend."

James Stentiford - Professional snowboard Freerider, Instructor & guide  

" I thought this course was excellent. The content was well put together in easily digestible sections. George is a great presenter using clear and concise descriptions. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to start to study and understand skiing safely off piste."

Julie Hewison - Ski Instructor, Verbier, Val d'Isère

"Great course, very complete, informative and easy to follow, with good structure. Great as a refresher or intro for newbies, would totally recommend!"

Sally Lee Duffy - The Snow Institute, Dec 2023

 " Course content was excellent, very informative, with good advice on weather apps etc. Presentation is very very good. Definitely need to follow up with an on snow session."

Lisa Jackson, Torico Ski, Dec 2023

'' This is an awesome tool for anybody who wants to spend time skiing or snowboarding off piste. It's a great refresher course for the experienced and an excellent introduction for anyone new to the backcountry. The course moves along at a good pace, doesn't repeat itself, and is chock full of useful hints and tips, using easy to understand language and without being overly complicated. The delivery is fun and entertaining and the AT team are honest about this not being a substitute for on-snow training but a really good addition to ongoing learning ''

Amy Marwick - Instructor & Freeskier - December 2023

" Excellent! Well structured! Very informative! Leaves you better equipped!!"

John Mordue November 2023, Nordic Instructor

"George has taken a complicated subject matter and split it into digestible bite size pieces that are easy to understand. The amazing pics and vids keep you interested, and the whole thing is just super slick and really thought about. Everyone going off piste needs this course!"

Paul Wagstaffe - ISTD L 4 ski instructor

 " Thanks George for a really enjoyable, well structured and presented course. The balance of photos, video and words made it super interesting and easy to digest. "

Tim Scott - ISTD ski Instructor @ LGS Snowsports 

" Clear, concise & super high quality content. Thank you for making this!"

JAMES B - May 2023

" Fantastic videos with a lot of good information presented in one place"

Simon D - August 2023

" Great little course to get the mind working again before the winter - covered all aspects that need reminding"

Simon Halliwell - Alpine Level 4 Instructor, Oct 2023

" The online course ticked all of the boxes for me. The content is logically presented and explained without being overly complex but was flexible enough to accommodate people of different Mountain experience. The use of excellent video content gives participants an opportunity to observe, comment and learn from real life Avalanche situations. The content is appropriate for both people with little or no previous winter touring experience as well as those who want a refresher of their existing knowledge."

Keith Geddes - Instructor & Mountain Leader

 " A course that may save your life; The course is engaging, interesting and full of great utilisable knowledge. Highly recommended to anyone interested in the backcountry "

Dom Turner - Director & Co-owner of Skiology

"What a great job I think George has done with preparing the material. It’s broken down into
digestible and logical chapters, the presentation is clear and concise and the quality of the
filming greater enhances the learning that can be taken from it. Lots of organisations have
talked about / tried to put together things like this, but nothing has appeared that is as good as
what George has done. Hence I’ve been recommending it to clients and will continue to do so.
It’s brilliant!"

March 2024 - Anonymous Review from BASI member

" An excellent course, Highly recommended to any one wanting to refresh/ develop knowledge etc, well thought out and put together , relevant and engaging 5 stars "

Helen Trayfoot - Instructor & ex BASI trainer

" George had created a superb set of online tutorials. And convened an excellent follow up
meeting. Thank you and well done."

Anonymous Review from BASI member

" Doing a mountain safety refresher is probably the most important CPD you can do. After doing numerous CPDs in all aspects of skiing I found this one the most useful and informative. This is really well put together and I found new ways of planning and decision making for off-piste skiing" 

Tom Hudson - BASI Level 4 ski instructor 

" A very well produced course with superb photos of the ski area. A great handleing of a very practical subject albeit online. Thanks George and anyone else who was responsible for preparing the course"

Anonymous review by BASI member, Nov 2023

"Excellent course, very informative and helpful. I would urge all ski / snowboard teachers to take the course no matter how experienced. Well made online content. Many thanks."

Alex Leaf - BASI trainer & level 4 Instructor - www.worldclassskiing.com

"I thought that all the content George put on for us to study was excellent. Clear and concise information in easy to use modules. Was very impressed."

November 2023: Anonymous Review by BASI member 

 " George was awesome, super knowledgeable and informative. the course couldn't have been more interactive and engaging. For someone with ADHD, there were points I struggled with focus, but overall it was interesting, informative and I learned a lot! "

November 2023: Anonymous Review by BASI member 

" This course by George is excellent. He's researched a very complicated topic and broken it down into understandable, and digestible bite sized pieces. It is presented incredibly well with lots of amazing photos and videos and is therefore very engaging. Extremely impressed with this course, well done George!"

November 2023: Anonymous Review by BASI member 

 " Highly relevant material, well presented. I've attended a few avalanche training events and courses in the past and this course delivered more detail and clarity that previous courses. I feel I've learn memorable nuggets of information from this. Thanks George !"

Anonymous review from BASI member, November 2023

" The trainer was clearly organised and has a thorough knowledge of the subject matter and presented it a very professional manner"

November 2023, anonymous review from BASI member

" I think this online mountain safety course was excellent and very valuable. Online learning materials were good and engaging "

Anonymous review by BASI member, Nov 2023


 " Great course on the whole, I wish this had been available when I first started my mountain
safety training, it would have saved me a lot of confusion."

Anonymous review from BASI member, November 2023

Reviews for George's ski Instructing Work

 " George is an incredible instructor and his passion for the sport and the mountains shines through in all his interactions. Worth every penny"

Darragh Payton March 2024